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‘Hollywood’ in Netflix is Glitz and Glamour Yet with Dark Hidden Truth

From “Singin’ in the Rain” to the recent Quentin Tarantino movie Hollywood has been showing off its glitz.

From “Singin’ in the Rain” to the recent Quentin Tarantino movie Hollywood has been showing off its glitz. The latest mini flick “Hollywood” helmed by Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan the creator of Glee has made it in the same tradition of the entertainment industry.

The 7 episode drama is not a party but a condemnation. The initial episode of the high voltage drama is completely and annoyingly predictable. The story is set post World War II and the lead is portrayed by David Corenswet as Jack Castello a charming young man with meager talent who wishes to make it big in Hollywood.

His egoistic, overconfident and thoughtful nature brings him to Hollywood but his lack of responsibility makes him and his pregnant wife face financial struggles. Despite his complexion and charm, there is nothing to like about him.

Later something odd occurs and when Jack’s character becomes weary it focuses on other characters and their wishes. Archie Coleman played by Jeremy Pope is a gay author who pursues to sell his writings based on Hollywood and their wishes.

Darren Criss portrayed as Raymond Ainsley is a partly Filipino creator who dreams to make a movie that will bring out the underrated Chinese-American actress Anna May Wong played by Michelle Krusiec.

Meanwhile, Raymond’s lover Camille Washington played by Laura Harrier is a brilliant black actress who is similar to Jack but faces more struggles to become a Hollywood star.

It was evident that the entertainment world was not happy to have black writers especially gays or the actress from the black community, and also to Asian creators or female authorities. As of today, it has become tougher for more men like Jack across the world.

When it comes to writing only one woman from the blacks has been the recipient of Oscar in 2001.

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