DCU Shocker: Henry Cavill Will Not Return As Superman

Just when fans were excited about the Man of Steel sequel, and Cavill returning to reprise the role, DC Studios dropped the bomb

Henry Cavill Will Not Return As Superman

When Warner Bros. announced James Gunn as a co-CEO of the DC Extended Universe (DCEU), now rebranded as DC Universe (DCU), superhero fans were hopeful that DC would return to its glory. Given Gunn’s massively successful Guardians of the Galaxy franchise in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the hope was enormous. Co-CEOs Gunn and Peter Safran joined the Studios with big dreams to make DC a success again and are aiming at a complete makeover. But, no one saw this coming.

Henry Cavill, who was well-known among fans for playing Superman in the DCEU films, announced that he will not be returning as the Man of Steel for any future franchises in the DC Universe. The 39-year-old British actor announced the devastating news through a tearful post (for fans) on social media. 

What happened?

Cavill’s return as the Son of Krypton started in October, thanks to Black Adam’s post-credits. The actor also confirmed the same, with news that Man of Steel 2 is on the table. This all happened before Warner Bros. hired Gunn and Safran.

The duo is working on plans to make a total reboot of the superhero franchise and is also in talks to recast actors from the Justice League. The Justice League falls under the Snyderverse, so the recast makes sense as the DCU is planning to start fresh.

Fans have to wait and see if dropping Cavill from the DCU will turn out to be a success or a big mistake.

The Witcher? 

The past few weeks have been nothing but a nightmare for Henry Cavill fans. The Witcher fandom was devastated on hearing of his departure from the Netflix series. After all, Cavill portraying Geralt of Rivia was one of the main reasons the show became a hit (Liam Hemsworth would replace Cavill as Geralt). But many were convinced that the actor was getting ready to become the Man of Steel again, until now. With bidding farewell to two of his most iconic roles, fans could only wait to see what’s next for the actor.

Henry Cavill Is “Back As Superman”!

Henry took to Instagram to confirm that he will be donning the cape again.

Henry Cavill Is “back As Superman”!

There have been years of speculation about Henry Cavill returning as Superman and fans finally got the answer ‘Yes’ when watching the mid-credits of Black Adam. To their further delight, Cavill even took to Instagram to announce, “I wanted to make it official — I am back as Superman.”

Henry Cavill was last seen as Superman in 2017’s Justice League. So far Cavill has had only one solo movie as Superman and it was 2013’s Man of Steel. Due to a huge creative overhaul in DC, Cavill’s contract as Superman remained doubtful over the years. But from his side, Cavill has always maintained his interest in reprising the role by saying, “The cape is still in the closet. 

Fans and media speculate that Cavill’s new announcement indicates that he will once again star in a solo Superman film. Although there is no official director or writer attached yet, a deal has been signed in September 2022 for Cavill to return as Superman.

Who else will reprise their roles? Amy Adams as Lois Lane? Who will be the supervillain this time?

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