Netflix Leads in Tv Series Viewership, Will It Sustain?

This true-crime drama genre is surely raking in millions of views!

Netflix Leads In Tv Series Viewership, Will It Sustain?

The controversial true-crime drama Dahmer: Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story has become the second most-watched English television series on Netflix in less than a month of its release.

This series follows the life of serial killer and rapist Jeffery Dahmer and has received wide backlash from victim’s families. 

Raking over 701 million hours of watch time, the Dahmer series is topping the charts and taking over HBO’s House of Dragon and Amazon Prime’s Rings of Power. However, time will decide if Netflix still gets to keep the top spot in TV series viewership. 

It is notable that the Dahmer series launched all of its ten episodes in one go while the HBO and Prime show release one episode per week.  Looks like the binge-watchable option plays a huge role in viewership numbers. 

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