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Free Hulu subscription for Spotify Premium users!

Spotify made an unexpected announcement via blog post that all U.S. users on the $9.99-a-month premium tier, both new and existing will receive free subscriptions to the $5.99 a month tier of Hulu, which was $7.99 a month previously, following the announcement of acquiring telecasting rights to the second season of One punch man.


Marc Hazan, Spotify’s global head of premium business development, said in a press release. “As we push towards making Spotify Premium a gateway to a bigger world of entertainment, we’re fully committed to finding new ways to enhance the overall experience for our Premium users and this is just the beginning.”

It’s pretty much evident that Spotify is striving to keep up in cut-throat music streaming service. By offering more goodies like the one it just announced, it aims to retain its already loyal userbase and bait new sign-ups amidst stiff competition from Apple and YouTube as they gear up to offer more value for money.


YouTube Music has a powerful video platform and is already offering premium music subscription for avid fans. It has an upper-hand in offering a combo video and music plan considering the fact that it is the go-to place to check out new and popular trending music. 6 million people worldwide rely solely on YouTube for their regular dose of music.

Apple, on the other hand, has been working on an expensive video subscription product for months that is touted to be a ‘Netflix Killer’. Bundle that with Apple Music and you’ve got a service that would seal the streaming war with Apple likely to emerge as the clear winner. Easier said than done, that’s going to take a long while.

The deal with Hulu allows Spotify to keep pace with its peers who are very well aware of the lucrative model that streaming subscription has to offer. Spotify’s offer to enroll in the Hulu bundle is open until June 10th, 2019 as per its announcement.

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