Disney releases its first full-length trailer for Aladdin! (video below)

After teasing fans with the first look and social media going berserk on Will Smith’s cast as the Genie with memes, Disney released its first trailer on Tuesday, finally. The trailer gives us a glimpse of Aladdin’s world, with his goofy antics and middle-eastern vibe. Mena Massoud easily seemed to set into Alladin’s role and Naomi Scott as Jasmine was a delight to the eyes.

Fans all around the world were disappointed when Will Smith was cast as the blue-painted genie. Luckily for us (and probably for him too) we now know that he’s not going to be blue throughout the movie. Our genie has got swag, sense of humor and knows how to pull off cool dance moves, reminding us of The Fresh Prince of Bel-air, only this time, he possesses actual magic powers and he is, well, BLUE.

This trailer instills a lot of hope and seems to justify the money involved in this movie, from Marketing to CGI.

Aladdin is hitting the theatres on May 24.

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