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Is Brad Pitt dating Ines de Ramon?

Talks about romance brewing between the potential couple

Is Brad Pitt Dating Ines De Ramon?

Brad Pitt and Ines de Ramon were spotted together while hanging out with other stars, like Sean Penn and Rande Gerber. Pitt, 58, and the fitness coach, 29,  were out there for a Bono show. The two were seen together briefly after Ines split from her husband of three years, Paul Welsey. Pitt split from his wife, Angelina Jolie, after two years of marriage. The former couple had to face legalities regarding their children and custody. Pitt did move on and kept everything private, much like the currently rumored couple has been spotted together. An insider says, “Brad keeps his dating life very private between himself and whoever he’s dating, especially if it’s casual. But when it’s serious, those closest to him will know.” 

Pictures of the two together and Brad getting Ines by her arm has become a talk among fans. The potential couple being spotted has brought excitement about the possible romance that can be brewing. The Oscar-winning actor was also said to be dating Emily Ratajokowski a while ago. But there were no announcements made by either of them. Currently, Brad and Ines could have a thing for each other, as insiders say. We should wait for official statements to know how things are moving about.

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