Ethiopian pilot’s last words before the crash

After what seemed like a nightmare for air travelers, a series of revelations has been brought to the public front about the Ethiopian flight crash that took place on March 10. Ethiopian 302 was a scheduled commercial passenger shuttle between Addis Ababa and Nairobi, Kenya.

‘Pitch up, pitch up’ were the last words one of the pilots said to the other as the plane’s nose was starting to point downwards just six minutes into the flight. According to the Wall St Journal, these were the final words heard in the cockpit before the radio contact was lost.

Three weeks into the disaster, the world is curious to know more about Boeing’s MCAS that caused the flight’s nose to correct itself from a suspected stall and how it got activated on the doomed flight. Captain Yared Getachew, 8000 flight hours, and First officer Ahmed Nur Mohammod, 200 flight hours, were among the 157 who were killed in the aviation’s worst disaster.

Were the pilots properly trained on handling a situation like this? Did they even know about how to handle an unintended activation of 737 MAX’s anti-stall feature? Were things out of hand before even they realized what was happening? These questions could be answered only after the preliminary report is submitted.

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