Why we watch our favorite series over and over again

No matter how many times I watch The Office, That 70s show, I never seem to get closure from finishing the entire roster of episodes. I’d rather watch them over and over again than watching new shows Netflix begs me to start viewing.



From Jim and Pam’s lovelace in the Office to Hyde’s goofy antics in that 70s show, I wish I could go back to any instant of the show. From Dundler Mifflin’s Dwight Schrute talking about his beet farm to Uncle Red fixing his refrigerator in his Garage from That 70s show, the nostalgia of watching the same



Even when I was in the middle of the last season of The Office, a part of me was upset with every passing episode, since the show was about to come to a halt. And watching that 70s show at one point made me feel that the characters were my next door neighbors.



I can go back anytime, to any episode, to feel the same amount of joy and elation. The sense of Nostalgia of watching my favorite shows over and over again gives me a whole cast of characters to relate to and ultimately gives me hope that my life might be more interesting than it seem.


Watching the same show after some time makes me feel how much I have grown and evolved as a person. Some lines spoken by Michael Scott from the Office like “Business is personal, it’s the most personal thing ever” is something I live by and have grown to believe in though it might have not made much of an impact in the first viewing.





With every new personal experience comes a new perspective on one of my favorite lines or my least favorite episodes. This changes the way I see certain characters and specific scenes which seeps into my perspective of my reality. However, the shows as a whole remain a part of me like all of my memories do.


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