A heartbreaking video was uploaded by Ellen DeGeneres

She highlights the need to check on our loved ones

Ellen Degeneres ‘i’m Heartbroken’ Mourns The Loss Of Dj ‘twitch’ Boss

Ellen DeGeneres is mourning for her close pal Stephen tWitch Boss. The 64-year-old famous talk show host posted a video on her social media channels discussing the intense pain she is currently going through as a result of the passing of her close friend.

“I just wanted to say that the past 11 days have been very tough for everyone. Everyone is in pain and trying to make sense of it. We’ll never make sense of it. The holidays are hard I think anyway, but to honor Twitch the best thing we can do is to laugh and to hug each other and to play games and dance and sing. That’s the way we honor him. We do the things that he loved to do,” said Ellen in her selfie video. 

The video shows an obviously disturbed Ellen saying that everyone is suffering as a result of Stephen’s passing and that the only fitting tribute to Stephen is to laugh and be joyful, even if it may seem impossible. She highlights the need for people to check about the mental health of those they care about.

“It’s hard. It seems impossible, but that’s how we honor him. We hug each other and tell each other we love each other and let people know we’re there for them. Check in on people. Happy holidays everybody. It’s not a happy holiday, but he was pure light as everyone in the comments said. If you knew him, you knew that. If you didn’t know him, you saw it. Let’s honor him and think about him and send love to one another,” said Ellen and concluded the video.

Ellen DeGeneres-‘I’m Heartbroken’- mourns the loss of DJ ‘tWitch’ Boss

Ellen DeGeneres mourns for DJ ‘tWitch’ Boss’s death

Ellen Degeneres ‘i’m Heartbroken’ Mourns The Loss Of Dj ‘twitch’ Boss

Ellen DeGeneres, the comedian, and TV personality shared a post on Instagram on Wednesday, December 14, that portrayed a photo of herself with DJ tWitch. She captioned the post, “I’m heartbroken. tWitch was pure love and light, He was my family, and I loved him with all my heart. I will miss him.”

Stephen “tWitch” Boss, 40, DJ and dancer, died from a gunshot to the head on December 13, Tuesday. He was found dead at L.A. Hotel after a missing complaint from his wife  Allison Holker to the Los Angeles Police Department. The immediate reason for his death was unknown at first. It was expected to be a suicide and no other suspicion of his death. As per the report, the case have been closed on Dec 14 as suicide.

Ellen also wrote that “Please send your love and support to Allison and his beautiful children – Weslie, Maddox, and Zaia,”

Stephen “tWitch” Boss worked with Ellen DeGeneres on The Ellen DeGeneres Show for eight years.

Stephen when asked about his bonding with Ellen said to Fox in an interview in 2022, “Ellen and I have a bunch of inside jokes that happened during the show.” In another statement with E! News “We just laugh and laugh and laugh.”

Ellen during a special tribute to her long-time buddy in her show’s second last episode said “Whenever he’s not here for whatever reason, it’s just different. I count on him to look over at [me] and make silly jokes. He’s my pal. He’s my sidekick because we have this connection,” she said in the video. “He’s never gonna be out of my life.”

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