Is Cher Getting Engaged?

A.E gifts Cher a huge diamond ring

Is Cher Getting Engaged

“The Goddess of Pop,” Cher’s Christmas social media post raised speculations about her marriage to her boyfriend, Alexander A.E. Edwards. Will the 36-year-old rapper and the 76-year-old singer make their way down the aisle together? Cher captioned a photo of a gleaming diamond ring on her Twitter account, “THERE R NO WORDS, ALEXANDER, A.E.”

The fans were amazed upon seeing the post and showed their excitement through comments.

“Wait wait wait hold uppp!! Is that a diamond ring or a ring with diamonds???? What does it meeeaaaan?????????,” commented one fan. 

“Congrats Cher! You deserve all the happiness. Let me know when and where,” commented another. 

But Cher broke the engagement rumors by Twitter back, “I posted this cause his nails are so cool.” 

The stunning youthful look of Cher at the CFDA Awards

Cherin a black leather jacket in remembrance of her iconic look for the song, “If I Could Turn Back Time

The Stunning Youthful Look Of Cher At The Cfda Awards

The singer, actress, and television personality Cher went to the 2022 Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) Awards in a leather attire making her look years younger than she is.

Cher, 76, looked stunning at the award function, that occurred in New York City on Monday. She wore a black leather dress with a top that imitates one of her iconic looks. Cher in the music video for her 1989 single, ‘If I Could Turn Back Time,’ wore a sheer top covered with a black jacket. This attire made many controversies at that time. 

Now, the singer remodeled that look by wearing a black jacket with a zip open to highlight her cleavage and a black skirt that is trimmed at one side to show off Cher’s leg which was covered by stockings. The Oscar winner held one end of the skirt in her hand while posing on the red carpet.

This youthful look of the singer was made a few days after she announced her new boyfriend, Alexander Edwards, who is 40 years younger than her. 

When many questioned their relationship, Cher tweeted, “Love doesn’t know math” and claims that Alexander treats her like a queen.

The toyboy music producer Alexander Edwards was previously in a relationship with Amber Rose and they both shares a male child.

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