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Surprising Facts About Severus Snape
Surprising Facts About Severus Snape

Professor Snape, one of the grumpiest professors at Hogwarts, used to keep an eye on the potter and his squad. He was mistaken for his sinister look and even got the fans to wonder whether he is a cold-hearted person. Moreover, snape is not what he looks like. Here are some surprising facts about Snape. 

Snape means ‘stern’ and ‘harsh’

Most of the fictional characters’ names complement their personalities, likewise, the name Severus translates as ‘strict’ or ‘stern’ in Latin, which matches his look quite well, and his last name Snape based on the old Norse word ‘Sneypa’ which means ‘ to outrage and disgrace.

Rowling said that she took the name from the English village Suffolk.

Snape being a vampire? 

While reading the books we might have come across comments comparing Snape to a bat, be it Professor Quirell who called him an “overgrown bat” or his bat-like appearance. This made the fans think that he is a vampire. Later Rowling confirms that he is not a creature of the night despite his demeanor.

The only Death Eater to conjure the patronus

The Patronus charm is usually conjured with memories of happiness and hope. However, the dark wizards who hardly able to perform them. So far, Snape is the only Death Eater who could conjure Patronus, who certainly sent a silver Doe while Harry stuck in the Forest of Dean.

Snape was Slughorn’s favorite student

Snape belonged to house Slytherin when he studied at Hogwarts. Professor Slughorn was fond of Snape and Lily. They were also a part of the Slug Club, but it was not mentioned specifically.

Neither good nor bad

After the emotional scene in the final part, fans debate whether he is a hero or a villain.

But Rowling points out he is neither good nor bad.

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