All You Need to Know about Jennifer Lopez’s Parents

She is on good terms with her parents.

All You Need To Know About Jennifer Lopez’s Parents

Here’s another post on the incredible Jennifer Lopez! You might have heard or read about her life, but do you know who her parents are and how they raised her? Let’s take a glimpse at Jennifer Lopez’s parents!

J.Lo’s Parents

Jennifer Lopez’s mother is Guadalupe Rodriguez, who worked at a school and also sold Tupperware. Jennifer’s dad, David Lopez, was a computer technician. Jennifer refers to her mom as “narcissistic,” and her dad as “absent.”

The actor-cum-pop star remembers her mom saying these words: “I’m always the bad guy! I’m always the bad guy! I gotta discipline you guys! I gotta do this! I gotta do that! And there is some truth to that.”

In “The Greatest Love Story Never Told,” Jennifer Lopez’s 2024 documentary, she talks about her mom, her struggles, and the relationship between the two. She says that her mother carried a lot of baggage, but taught her and her sisters, Leslie and Lynda, to be independent.

As far as her dad is concerned, Jennifer says, “I felt very ignored by my dad because he was always working nights then all day he would sleep and I didn’t feel like I had enough of a connection with him.” 

As a child, Jennifer and her sisters had a Puerto Rican upbringing. Jennifer states that despite the hardships and struggles with her parents, she is currently on good terms with them. They extend their support to their daughter in all her endeavors.

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