Vanessa Ray and Landon Beard Welcome Baby Boy

Ray says about her little boy, “We’re just so focused on him right now.”

Vanessa Ray And Landon Beard Welcome Baby Boy

Vanessa Ray, the American actress well-known for her roles in TV shows like White Collar, Blue Bloods,andPretty Little Liars, has added one more member to her family through adoption. 

Are you curious to know more about her baby boy? Let’s delve into it. 

The Blue Bloods actress welcomed a baby boy through adoption with husband Landon Beard. Ray told People, “My husband and I weren’t totally sure if we were going to have kids, at what point in our life that made sense, and all those things.” She added, “I was at work one day, honestly I was about to do a family dinner and I just had this overwhelming sensation of family and what I love about our life and all of these things.”

Ray remembers telling her husband, “I think we’re supposed to be parents,” and “I think we’re supposed to adopt.” It took about a year to find a lawyer and complete the paperwork when they began the adoption process. Her friends helped her make the nursery ready with necessities like diapers, bottles, crib, and sterilizer. 

Ray told People, “We had everything that we needed from our friends, we didn’t have to buy anything. We didn’t right away, at least for the first three months.” She is highly excited about spending time with her little guy now. Ray says, “We’re just so focused on him right now, and just showering him with love and trying to absorb every single moment we can of his just littleness, his little life.”

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