5 pictures that deserve a story behind them


1. World’s quickest

A Peregrine falcon that looks like a B2 Bomber. Their aerial dive is around 400 km/hr making them the fastest creatures existing on the planet. So next time someone asks you what is the fastest animal, you say Peregrine falcon and not the cheetah.

2. This graffiti

Tourists in the southern Spanish region of Andalusia, Grenada, woke up to Graphical illustrations like the one above. Granada was declared as the world heritage site and residents are tired of its city treated as a ‘postcard city’ for its picturesque landscape.

3. Transgender can heave a sigh of relief

Transgenders take on to the street after WHO announced that being a transgender is not a mental disorder anymore. In its recent manual, WHO updated its age-old view that Transgender be treated as a disease.

4. Girl almost turned blind

Jade Inglis, 19, student after using a Garnier cleansing product got her right eye glued shut while giving out a strange discharge. She was almost on the verge of going blind. She had to seek medical help.

5. A wild reunion

A mom bear reunited with her cub after 10 years in captivity. Dasha, a Syrian Brown Bear had spent 10 years living in a cramped cage half-submerged in water as part of a tourist attraction near the capital Yerevan. She has finally been freed to join her cubs, Luka and Coco.

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