Angry Spice Girls fans demand a refund!

Spice Girls kicked off their tour in Dublin and things didn’t go too well.

Angry fans took to social media complaining about the poor audibility of the show and that they couldn’t make out a word of what they were singing. They just seemed to be jumping around making noise, singing random verses beyond reach.

This is a huge screw-up of sorts considering that the sensational band from the 2000s is trying to make a comeback in the pop scene. After what happened in Dublin, concertgoers are demanding a refund.

Mel B addressed the issues in an Instagram clip, promising that “the vocals and the sound will be much, much better” for the upcoming show in Cardiff.

One fan claimed the Spice Girls’ voices were drowned out the entire time by the band, so you couldn’t hear the harmonies or even make out the words.

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