12 killed in shooting in Virginia, and this time it’s not a School

A disgruntled employee went on a shooting spree in a municipal building in Virginia Beach on Friday. The shootings terrified co-workers forcing them to look for cover before police could intervene. The arrival of Police was followed by a long-standing gun battle, in which the shooter was killed. 12 were killed and 4 were injured, including a Police Officer.

Virginia Beach is a popular vacation spot. The incident happened in a suburban complex that is just miles away from the beach.

Around 4 p.m., the shooter, a retired employee of the Public Utilities Department entered a building in the city’s Municipal Center and began firing indiscriminately. Authorities are yet to release the suspect’s name, denying the press the shooter’s name. Instead, they focused on the victims during a Press conference.

So far 32 victims have been killed in the year 2019, as a result of mass shootings in different parts of America.

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