You’ll make a decent serial killer if you have most of these qualities

You like being alone

You are a clinical loner who enjoys company with yourself most of the times. While most of the serial killers are sociopaths, they interact and mingle with people with the sole purpose of benefiting themselves in the end. Just to benefit themselves. If you come across a sociopath, I have only one piece of advice for you— RUN.

You’ve had a bad childhood

You tend to come from dysfunctional and troubled families. A large part of what happened to you in the past still lurks around and impacts the way you live years later. The person tends to remember even the smallest details that happened during childhood and draws cues, usually negative ones. Usually, you’ll find these kinds of people often get too nostalgic about their childhood.

You are too much of a rebel (as in, you violate rules too often)

You think of yourself as a rule breaker or someone who doesn’t like to conform with norms of society. You usually give out ‘Break the rules’ vibe.

You don’t express a stint of remorse or guilt

Events in life have hardened you and the cruel world has made you lose faith in humanity.

You can’t keep at a single job for a long time

You have a hard time keeping jobs because you like staying aloof and don’t want to form permanent connections with your colleagues.

You are really, really smart

You are very smart and cunning. They try hard to appear normal so you’ll give in to their niceness and trust them after which they can do what they want to you.

You are (very) unpredictable

Maybe the biggest factor that weighs in this list, you are erratic in your behavior and get frequent mood swings that tend to make you unpredictable.


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