World’s coffee plants under the verge of extinction!

It looks like there is some worrisome news for all the caffeine lovers out there. Recent studies and surveys have revealed that nearly 60% of the existing coffee species are soon to extinct. Coffea Arabica and Coffea Robusta are the only sources of coffee beans and powders available in stores as of now. While it’s just two of the 124 species of coffee that is consumed by the world population, the rest are wild sorts that aren’t recommended for drinking because of the taste factor.

In spite of the wilder counterparts having no contribution to the beverage industry, it is vital that these need protection as they help the growth of the consumable species. The genetic characteristics that these plants pass is very much essential for the world to experience the goodness of coffee. The protection of these crops becomes a challenging one as they are mainly found in areas beyond reach. Apparently, an emergency situation has arisen in the world to care a bit more about the most cherished drink ever.

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