Cannabis legalized in Canada
Cannabis legalized in Canada


Canada legalizes recreational marijuana: What happens next?

The government has brought access to legal pot starting Wednesda

It’s not just medical marijuana that is now legal in Canada but also the sale of cannabis for recreational use. Promised as a part of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s election campaign, the government has brought access to legal pot starting Wednesday (17th Oct) midnight. With this law, Canada becomes the second country after Uruguay to legalize weed. Now that people can actually go ahead and purchase it in both physical stores and online sites, there remains a question of safety across the country.

Drug liberalization isn’t really something new to the country as talks have been going on for several years now. Though the Prime Minister has promised to cut down access to the youth, we’ll still have to wait to know how the law performs. Who knows; other countries are keeping a close watch and if it’s a win, they might implement it as well.

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