Who Is Going to Replace Johnny Depp in “Pirates of the Caribbean

Replacing Depp with Edebiri sparks fan fury and casting controversy.

Who Is Going To Replace Johnny Depp In “pirates Of The Caribbean
Who Is Going To Replace Johnny Depp In “pirates Of The Caribbean

Disney Drops Depp

Disney’s much-loved “Pirates of the Caribbean’s” sixth chapter will not have our Johnny Depp. There are rumors that emerging talent, Ayo Edebiri, will take over for Johnny Depp’s portrayal. She will be cast as a new pirate by the name, “Anne,” in Pirates 6. The internet is ablaze with this casting choice. 

The CEO of Tesla Reacts

It’s no surprise that Depp’s fans are upset. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, retweeted the announcement and said, “Disney sucks,” without holding back. Similar opinions were expressed by Depp’s supporters, some of whom foresaw disastrous outcomes for Disney’s box office performance. One admirer exclaimed, “I can’t wait to see Disney go bankrupt,” while another raged, “Nobody will watch this without Depp.” 

Debate Erupts Over Casting Decision

An intense discussion about the casting decision of Pirates 6 happened. Critics contend that an actress with a comparable Irish background ought to play the pirate because Anne Bonny was an Irish woman. One irate admirer exclaimed, “It would be wrong to cast a non-Irish woman in this role.”

Disney is now handling two of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” projects. A Collider story claims that the company is eager to make more films featuring strong female lead characters. We have to wait and see whether this attempt will pay off or sink like a ship lost at sea.

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