Walmart Plans to Engage Driverless Trucks in 2021!

Buckle up to witness a next-gen truck on the road by 2021. Yes, the big-box retailer, Walmart was silently working on using driverless trucks in the year 2021. According to sources, the retail giant is silently working along with a tech startup called Gatik to provide a delivery pilot to operate fully autonomous box trucks that will deliver goods in Arkansas.

The company will spread the services across Louisiana and other locations one by one. Those routes, which will begin next year, will be longer than the Arkansas operation — 20-miles between New Orleans and Metairie, Louisiana.

The company is also working with other companies like the big-box company is working with Waymo, Cruise, Nuro, Udelv, Baidu, Ford, and Postmates to incorporate this revolutionary idea.

” Just a Start to What’s Coming. Clearly this is just a start, but it’s also just a start to 2021. Driverless trucks are coming. The only big missing piece is legislation. Will Biden hold up legislation? It’s possible, but the future won’t wait long. Cars will lag trucks by a number of years.”

Walmart Announces Senior Hours for the Elderly

March 2020

It’s been weeks since the Covid-19 outbreak and in spite of advising people not to hoard on the basics, stores are being emptied within minutes they open. This has been creating havoc and commotion among the shoppers who go home disappointed because of empty shelves.

WEST BRIDGEWATER, MA – MARCH 19: Seniors shop during senior-only shopping hours to protect the high-risk group from coronavirus at a Market Basket in West Bridgewater, MA on March 19, 2020. Only elders can shop at 5:30 -7 a.m. hours. (Photo by David L. Ryan/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

The situation creates even bigger trouble for the elderly who are vulnerable to acquiring the infection. So, Walmart and Walgreen, the two largest U.S retailers, have introduced senior hours where the stores will be kept open for an hour every Tuesday exclusively for senior citizens to shop. Walgreen has also announced special discounts for people aged 55 and above.

This is truly a great move by the retailers to help senior citizens shop with ease during the growing crisis.

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