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China Becomes Word’s Biggest Movie Market!

Guess the effecting handling of the COVID pandemic paid off in China is in several ways.

Guess the effecting handling of the COVID pandemic paid off in China is in several ways. Beating the United States in the global movie market in terms of ticket sales, China tops the movie market with sales of $1.99 billion.

U.S trails behind China with $1.94 billion but the gap is expected to widen further by the year-end, according to statistics. Apparently the releases of significant blockbusters like Marvel’s Black Widow and James Bond – No Time to Die contributed to this setback for United States.

Though China was the first to suffer due to COVID pandemic, it effectively found ways to control and find ways to get over this global crisis. The pandemic has undeniably changed the global movie industry. Both Chinese and US theatrical markets are facing similar challenges in maintaining their position as they have to compete with other forms of entertainment, such as streaming services, for which demand has skyrocketed during lockdowns. This trend likely to continue given the recent disruption in movie releases.

China Re-shuts All Cinema Theatres

March 2020

After hours of municipal officials giving a nod to open 200 screens on Saturday, the national officials have in turn asked to shut the theatres again as the spread of COVID-19 has not stopped.

Though cinemas around 500 were trying to open its doors last week after a long shut down they could get only a small amount of profits as only a person per day was seen coming and they had a profit only around 1000’s of dollars.

They were opening it after the right authorization from the local officials who checked on the required health procedures.

But the board of national film bureau of China has issued to close everything back without giving any appropriate details.

The bureau has not announced it directly rather if they had been told through sources “urgent orders” to the Jiangsu provincial film bureau which stated: “all theaters are temporarily not to resume business, and those that have should stop immediately.”

But few believe that the unexpected notice might be due to the recent individual who was tested positive with the pandemic disease. Further, the country has been taking stringent actions to cut down the “imported” COVID-19 cases entering the Nation; however, the new problem has risen through the newly infected.

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