US Government Recognises Wakanda as an Official Free Trade Partner!

Temporarily declares that it traded ducks, donkeys and Dairy cows

What a wonderful time it is to live as an American.

If you feel that Donald Trump’s impeachment was the most bizarre thing you heard this week, think again.

Wakanda, the fictional, super advanced country in the Marvel movie Black Panther has been listed as the free-trade partner by the US Department of Agriculture. It was spotted by Francis Tseng, a New York-based software engineer. Apparently, he was checking out the agricultural tariffs for a fellowship he was applying for according to BBC.

The tweet made rounds in the Internet. The fictional country was soon taken down from the registry. But by then, users had already saved the whereabouts of the deal and caught a glimpse of the products US had traded with WAKANDA. They included purebreed horses, cows, live goats, sheeps, chicken and so much more. Here’s a screengrab of the list from Twitter–

Source: Twitter

While the occurence was becoming a butt of all jokes, one USDA (US Department of Agriculture) made it clear that it was added into the list as a sort of test for the staff there before they can get down to the real countries.

Source: Google

Wakanda forever!

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