Donald Trump Becomes the Third US President to Be Impeached!

The Senate trial will be held next month

In a historical move, the House of Representatives voted in favor of impeaching Trump for abuse of power. After the news broke out, Donald Trump became the 3rd president in the US to get impeached after Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton.

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The House voted 230-197 in favour of impeachment.

Donald Trump faced impeachment on two grounds:

  1. He is accused of abusing his power as a President by seeking the aid of Ukraine, urging them to inititate corruption investigations against Joe Biden, the leading Democratic contender in the 2020 US Presidential election. In simple words, Trump was misusing his power to tarnish his rival’s image by seeking the help of an outside country.
  2. When being probed for the accusation above, Donald Trump tried to obstruct Congress from investigating the case stated above.

Trump’s response:

Trump accused House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi of letting the “perversion of justice” by allowing the impeachment proceeding. Trump denounced the decision and compared this to a coup.

What’s next?

Trump will still continue to be the President. A trial would take place next month looking into Trump’s abuse of power. The trial will be presided over by the chief justice of the Supreme Court of the US. The Senators will be the jury members in that trial. Donald Trump will be entitled to have a lawyer in the Senate to defend him.

A voting would take place after the trial. If two-thirds of the senators vote against Trump, he’ll be kicked off the post of the President.

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It is interesting to note that no President has ever been removed from the post of President after impeachement.

Donald Trump stands to create history here.

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