Deleted Hollywood Scenes You May Not’ve Seen!

Most of the times, its the offensive and vulgar content that gets trimmed before release…

Though luck favors when there are bold scenes in films it can’t be the same at all times. When the directors try to cross the limit of showing vulgarity or offensive things, it gets cut before the film gets released.

Here are a few movies that had such experiences

Horrible Bosses 2

The sequel of Horrible Bosses was released in 2014 but some criticized her character in the movie in turn one of her co-artist appreciated her boldness to be a “nympho potty mouth” for the movie. But one specific scene crossed the limit and was deleted still her role was considered offensive.


Though the young adult fiction didn’t have much violence the first look of the movie was brutal as Edward is poked in the eye with the butter knife while he is asleep. A series of disturbing happenings in the movie were removed by the director of the movie.

Gangster Squad

Gangster Squad helmed by Ruben Fleischer in 2013 was a crime thriller that was based on real-life incidents that occurred in the LAPD unit to fight against the gangster boss Mickey Cohen. When the film was screened and when the scene of moviegoers shot dead in a Chinese theatre, the same scene was done in real by James Holmes a killer fired people in a Colorado cinema in a midnight premiere of “The Dark Knight Rises” where 12 were killed and 70 were wounded.

The director Fletcher stated that: “The Aurora shooting was an unspeakable tragedy, and out of respect for the families of the victims, we felt it necessary to reshoot that sequence, and I’m proud of the fact that we did.”


The 2016 movie proved that there is always a wow factor for superhero movies. It grossed around $780 million across the world and audiences were going crazy for the movie. Besides, one particular scene in the bar was considered to be too offensive.

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