Sexiest Movies of Recent Times Ranked!

Here are their recent sexiest ventures with bold actors and steamy scenes.

Sexiest Movies Of Recent Times Ranked!
Sexiest Movies Of Recent Times Ranked!

They say the coolest gossip is always about the sexiest deal. Here’s a list of the sexiest movies that had baffled audiences from around the world and where to watch them now.The pandemic has spiked the market of OTT platforms and they don’t want to leave any stones unturned. Here are their recent sexiest movies with bold actors and steamy scenes.

#Deep Water

The movie is based on a novel named “Deep Water” written by American novelist Patricia Highsmith who was known for her psychological thrillers. Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas turned up the heat quite impeccably making it the most outwardly and intentionally the sexiest movies of 2022.


The story circles around a married couple who chooses to pursue an open relationship and go non-traditional. Bodies of boyfriends keep piling up when the husband gets jealous of the affairs of his wife. Will the wife unlock the mystery behind those murders? That makes the story.

#Deadly Illusions

If you are not into plots and other technicalities, this fun and steamy lesbian movie about an author getting on with her nanny is a must-watch on Netflix.

#Little Fish

Yet another lesbian action. The movie ensues after a virus-causing memory loss attacks a couple. Follow how Emma and Jude keep their relationship active on Hulu.

#All about Sex

If you like the tension that exists before the actual act then ‘All about Sex’ is all you need. Get to know whether these 20 women from different backgrounds and ages actually find love on Amazon Prime Video.

#The White Tiger

Unlike the rest of the movies in this list, this movie actually has a very good plot but only one solid scene with Priyanka Chopra Jonas inside a cab. Catch the tiger on Netflix.

#The Last Letter from Your Lover

A secret affair, mysterious love letters, hot flashbacks, does this ring a bell? Yes, these are the basis of a strong and sexy Netflix original movie.

#PVT Chat

What happens when a person obsessed with a girl he met on cam chat finds her in real life and when he knows all the details she shared while they were getting hot and bothered online were lies? Find out on Apple iTunes, Google Play Movies, Vudu, or Youtube.

#The World to Come

Another tale of forbidden love is set somewhere in New York, 1856. Find out the pleasure and fear that follows this lesbian version of Bridgerton on Hulu.


What happens when a bikini-clad girl vacationing in Greece has an immediate connection with a resident? Watch the movie on Amazon Prime Video to find where the hot passion took her and if she quit her U.S. job for it.

#Madame Claude

What happens when a Brothel owner who blackmails the French Elite is caught in a tiff with a mysterious young woman? Can you guess how Madame Claude reacted? Treat your eyes to steamy scenes and a gripping plot on Netflix.

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