Top Three Hilarious Movies of the 21st Century

Top Three Hilarious Movies Of The 21st Century
Top Three Hilarious Movies Of The 21st Century

Making a funny movie is quite a feat because making people laugh is pretty difficult. A lot of work has to go into creating a comedy film. Despite all these challenges involved, many directors and actors have worked together to produce some of the most hilarious movies of the 21st century. These films have and still cause their audience to double up in laughter. 


Shall we now look at the top three hilarious films of this century? Let’s roll.


  1. Shaun of the Dead

There have been lots of zombie movies produced in this century, and “Shaun of the Dead” is one of them. But its genre is comedy, and director Edgar Wright has proved his mettle in creating an awesome one at that. The film revolves around a London salesman who finds himself in a zombie apocalypse. Shaun of the Dead became a commercial success and was also nominated at the British Academy Film Awards.


  1. Superbad

This one is a teen comedy with many dirty jokes. Still, the movie is said to have a heart and soul. It is all about two high school friends played aptly by Michael Cera and Jonah Hill. They attend a party and a lot of adventures follow. Soon, the two friends will be going off to college. Emma Stone plays quite a role in “Superbad.” You will find the story to be gripping and exciting.


  1. The Grand Budapest Hotel

The plot in the movie is extremely interesting, contains many a twist, and keeps the audience engaged throughout. It is both a quirky and charming film. The story centers around a legendary concierge at a popular hotel and one of his younger employees. There is also a murder, following which many interesting events unfold. Ralph Fiennes (Gustave) and Tony Revolori (Zero) portray their rules exceptionally well.

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