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Interesting Facts About the Movie Interstellar

Interesting Facts About The Movie Interstellar
Interesting Facts About The Movie Interstellar

Are you interested to know about a storyline that is a perfect blend of physics? Interstellar is one of the memorable movies directed by Christopher Nolan after Avatar.Here are some astonishing facts you need to know about Interstellar.


  • The space suits actors wore in Interstellar actually work. Mary Zophres, the costume designer for the movie tried various materials and designs. In the space suits, she occupies oxygen units for the comfort of actors after long hours. 
  • Nolan conveys true science throughout the movie. He joined hands with Dr. Kip Thorne, the 2017 Nobel Prize winner for physics for this project. Nolan agreed with Thorne for staying true to science. 
  • New Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) software was developed for the movie with the support of Paul J Franklin. Through this, the scientific accuracy of black hole stimulation and the wormhole is specified clearly. 
  • The original story of Interstellar is different from the direction of Christopher Nolan. Originally, it is supposed to direct by Steven Spielberg and he explored a romantic relationship between Brand and Cooper. 

Nolan didn’t want to shoot the movie in front of the green screen either and focus entirely on CGI. Cast and crew traveled to various locations around the world for the movie shooting. A few shooting spots include Alberta, Canada, Eldhraun lava field, and Mafabot in the southern region of Iceland.

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