Top Social Media Backlash faced by Kim Kardashian

Some even wanted her thrown in the sea. Outrageous!

Top Social Media Backlash Faced By Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is one of the most famous people in the world. She has millions of followers on social media, and her every move is chronicled by the tabloids. However, even Kardashians are not immune to a social media backlash. One of the most recent examples came after she posted a series of photos from a trip to Ecuador. Some people accused her of cultural appropriation, claiming that she was disrespecting local customs by wearing traditional clothing. Others simply thought that her outfit was tacky and criticized her fashion sense. While Kim did eventually apologize for any offense caused, it was yet another reminder that even celebrities are not immune to a social media backlash.

Bad Parenting Outrage

Let’s start with the recent one. Last week’s Instagram post of Kim with her daughter cutely gesturing ‘Pinky Promise – Friends for Life’. However, the giant earring worn by her daughter became the talk of the Instagram town. Many accused her of bad parenting and some came in support of her as well.

‘Blackface’ Race Row

When she released a promotional photo for her beauty line product ‘KKW’, her too dusky appearance offends a section of twitters. She later claimed to have the “utmost respect for why people might feel the way they did” and said she would “obviously never want to offend anyone”.

She was branded as a ‘Toxic Influence’

Her post on Instagram promoting an appetite-suppressant lollipop to her 111 million followers didn’t go well with some people, especially her haters, who started campaigning against her as a ‘Toxic Influence’

Kim as Virgin Mary

This one may be way out of line for the audience to digest. When a photo of Kim transformed into Virgin Mary surfaced online, people started accusing her of mocking religious beliefs and Christianity. Many deemed her actions “beyond forgivable”, “shameful”, and “extremely disgusting and low”, while another suggested she “should be thrown to the sea”.

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