Top 10 Hollywood Movie Franchises of all Time

Behold! The top 10 franchises of all time!

Top 10 Hollywood Movie Franchises Of All Time

From classic humor to blockbuster action, Hollywood delivers everything a fan wants. You name it, Hollywood’s got it! Over the years, movie franchises gained popularity and have dominated the film industry with their collection of films that serve as a continuity to the stories told. 

Film franchises undoubtedly have a large fanbase compared to standalone movies, as the series of films mostly tend to capture audiences of various age groups over its years of release. Over the decades, franchises developed in so many ways inspiring both old and new fans, and there are some we can watch even after years of their release. 

These franchises would have had a captivating storyline, stunning cast, or eye-catching visuals to get enough fans. Here are the top 10 Hollywood movie franchises of all time if you’re ever planning a binge-watch or just revisiting the good old times.

10. Mission Impossible Franchise

Ruling the action film industry for almost three decades, the Tom Cruise-led super-spy franchise has a huge and loyal fanbase for the storyline, the recurring cast, and of course, Cruise’s death-defying stunts. The franchise kick-started with 1996’s Mission Impossible and is set to conclude with Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part Two, releasing in 2024.   

9. Pirates of the Caribbean Franchise

Defending Captain Jack Sparrow to the ends of the world is a universal practice now. Ever since Hollywood fans saw Johnny Depp play the notorious pirate captain, the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise knew it’d be a global hit… and it still is! 

8. Jurassic Park Franchise

With just five films under the belt, the Jurassic Park and World franchise captured millions of fans with the thrilling, edge-of-the-seat storyline, and of course, dinosaurs! The epic conclusion of the series Jurassic World: Dominion even became a billion-dollar box office hit. 

7. James Bond Franchise

“The name’s Bond. James Bond.” Films on the MI6 super-spy serving Her Majesty and the country became a global success and even after over seven decades James Bond is one of the most famous, and beloved fictional spies in Hollywood.

6. The Dark Knight Trilogy

Phenomenal director Christoper Nolan’s film adaptation of Batman’s Dark Knight is to date the most famous Batman franchise in Hollywood. Portrayed by Christian Bale, The Dark Knight Trilogy is one of the few movies to attract not just superhero fans, but all types of audiences.

5. The Lord of the Rings Franchise

R. R. Tolkien’s Middle Earth is always a visual treat for fantasy genre fans, with all the magical beings and stunning storylines. The Lord of the Rings franchise is so popular that it earned a prequel “The Hobbit” and now has Amazon Prime Video’s “Rings of Power,” which is also the most expensive TV show ever made. 

4. Harry Potter Franchise

J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter franchise is a core childhood memory for hundreds of millions of fans across the globe. Fans follow The Boy Who Lived throughout his childhood, go on to see him attend the magical Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and fight the most villainous Voldemort. Looking back, everything about the Harry Potter franchise is heartwarming.  

3. Star Wars Franchise

Star Wars was one of the earliest franchises in cinema history to dominate the box office and capture fans for generations. The franchise is so popular in the entertainment industry that it released several prequels, and standalone in the form of films, TV shows, and animated shows. 

2. The Marvel Cinematic Universe 

29 movies and eight TV series, yet, it took just one film to capture fans the Marvel Cinematic Universe needed. When Iron Man I was released, Marvel Comics and the normal moviegoers had a feeling that the Studios had something in store. And they weren’t wrong. The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is the most famous superhero franchise with many films grossing a billion dollars at the domestic box office. The MCU also has the biggest fanbase than any other existing franchise.

1. The Godfather Trilogy

The Godfather trilogy undoubtedly has one of the best storylines in any franchise. Even after half a century since the first film’s release, this franchise has a separate (and huge) fanbase for its raw, unnerving mafia storyline and jaw-dropping performance from the cast.

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