Top 10 DC & Marvel similar characters (and rip-offs)

Who do you think wins the ultimate superhero war, Marvel’s or DC’s?

Comic giants Marvel and DC have a long history of feuds when it comes to their heroes. Oftentimes these two companies run out of creative ideas and look above each other’s shoulders to see what superhero the other one is coming up with.

Most times, the rip-offs fail impressively but sometimes, the rip-off does better than the original idea. We take a look at the 10 most controversial similar characters in both universes.

10. Ant-Man and Atom

Original: Atom (DC)

Rip-off: Antman (Marvel)

Who’s morepopular: Antman, thanks to a bunch of Antman movies and Avengers: Endgame

9. Quicksilver and Flash

Original: Flash

Rip-off: Quicksilver

Who’s more popular: Flash is light years ahead in this race. Poor Quicksilver was killed early in the movie adaptation.

8. Green Arrow and Hawkeye

Original: Green Arrow (DC)

Rip-off: Hawkeye (Marvel)

Who’s more popular: This one’s a tie. While Hawkeye is famous for the Infinity saga portrayed in multiple movies, Green Arrow has a cult following in the TV series Arrow.

7. Swamp-thing and Man-thing

Original: Man-thing was published 2 months earlier

Rip-off: Swamp-thing

Who’s more popular: Swamp-thing, thanks to the TV spin-off

6. Black Panther and Red lion

Original: Black Panther (Marvel)

Rip-off: Red Lion (DC)

Who’s more popular: Wakanda forever!

5. Deadshot and Deadpool

Original: Deadshot (DC)

Rip-off: Deadpool (X-men, Marvel)

Who’s more popular: Deadpool, thanks to Ryan Reynolds.

4. Aquaman and Namor

Original: Namor (Marvel)

Rip-off: Aquaman (DC)

Who’s more popular: Aquaman. All thanks to Jason Momoa.

3. Bullseye and Deadshot

Original: Deadshot (Suicide Squad, DC)

Rip-off: Bull’s eye (Daredevil series, Marvel)

Who’s more popular: Deadshot. After the stellar performance of Will Smith in Suicide Squad. The movie sucked though.

2. Commander Steel and Captain America

Original: Captain America

Rip-off: Commander Steel

Who’s more popular: Captain America no doubt in that!

1. Moon knight and Batman

Original: Batman (DC)

Rip-off: Moon Knight (Marvel)

Who’s more popular: BATMAN!

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