Tiger Woods is Back! And The Next-Gen Champs Lost To His Roars

Tiger Woods served a special treat to fans and even almost every champ of today’s Golf sport.

Tiger Woods served a special treat to fans and even almost every champ of today’s Golf sport. The reason is quite simple, the legend returns with his Tees and Cap to the court. Surprising every fan, he didn’t just took-over the President Cups captaincy but also emerged as a winner of the match.

The Golf icon gave a greater come-back nearly after a decade making his past ugly chapter fading-away into ashes. Even though his recent arrest by Florida police for negligent driving and alleged drug abuse, the iconic never lost his stardom and golf champions of today’s generation see him as an inspiring legend rather than a competitor.

His comeback came as a big surprise to many of the world’s leading golfers and sports enthusiasts who hanged out this week at the Bahamas. This was the first event Woods has played since winning the Zozo Classic in Japan. And the fact that he not just plays the game but also leads the team as a captain making sure that everyone in the team sweats the same as he does.

That Presidents Cup captaincy — and the fact that Captain Woods selected Player Woods for the team — is yet another sign that Woods is easing into the next phase of his career with grace.

“There’s really nothing I can look forward to, nothing I can build towards,” Woods said that day in 2015. “It’s literally just day by day and week by week and time by time. Where is the light at the end of the tunnel? I don’t know.”

“Most of the guys on the [Presidents Cup] team, we all grew up watching Tiger and looking up to him. He was someone that was, you know, pushing golf and moving the needle,” said Rickie Fowler, a late addition to the Presidents Cup team after Koepka withdrew because of injury. “So to be on not only a team with him, but him being a captain of the team, it’s special. We all want to play with him. We all want him to push us. But I think over the last, you know, five years or so, it’s really been fun, especially J.T. and I, to build a relationship with Tiger and feel like we’re, you know, kind of helping push him at the same time.”

Irrespective of any criticisms, the fact remains untouched that the Tiger, for the first time in more than half a decade, rolls into a new year as healthy as he could possibly be. In fact, he’s back with a fury and determination.

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