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Three Popular and Influential Authors in Hollywood

Three Popular And Influential Authors In Hollywood
Three Popular And Influential Authors In Hollywood

Movies cannot be made without their authors or writers. Everything in a movie starts with the story. So, the writers play an indispensable role in the making of a film. You might have heard of Sidney Sheldon, who was one of the greatest American writers and was highly popular in the 1930s. He worked on Broadway plays and then continued his extraordinary work in motion pictures. Here, we have compiled a short list of the top three popular and influential authors in Hollywood. Let’s take a quick glimpse at each of them!


  1. Stephen King

He is known famously as the “King of Horror.” His works revolve around supernatural fiction, crime, and suspense. His 1977 novel, “The Shining,” was later developed into a movie with Jack Nicholson as the lead character. His books were and still are selling like hotcakes. “Pet Sematary” is yet another book written by Stephen King. It’s considered the scariest horror story written by the author. A couple of films have been made based on this gripping story by Stephen King.


  1. E. L. James

The “Fifty Shades” film series are based on the novels written by E. L. James. “Fifty Shades of Grey” was released in 2015 and won a lot of acclaim. It is an American romantic movie. “Fifty Shades Darker” and “Fifty Shades Freed” followed, and just like the first of the trilogy, these movies were also box office hits. There were also some negative reviews but they didn’t stop the trilogy from becoming box office successes. E. L. James’ real name is Erika Leonard.


  1. Nicholas Sparks

Sparks is a romance novelist and screenplay writer. He’s also a film producer. Sparks has published several New York Times bestsellers. And, many of his books have been adapted into movies. Some of them are, “Message in a Bottle,” “The Notebook,” and “A Walk to Remember.” However, “The Notebook” was his breakthrough novel. Sparks has often been on the list of highest-paid writers in Forbes magazine. Many of Sparks’ novels are set in North Carolina.

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