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Interesting Facts about Margot Robbie

Interesting Facts About Margot Robbie
Interesting Facts About Margot Robbie

Whether Naomi Lapalgia from The Wolf of wall street or Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad, no one can deny that Margot Robbie is one the most marvelous actress in Hollywood. She is renowned for her intelligence, beauty, and, of course, her extraordinary acting abilities.

Below are some interesting facts about the Australian actress.


  • Though it has been years since The Suicide Squad came out, she often finds herself making Harley Quinn expressions and imitating her voice at inappropriate times.


  • During her childhood, she attended Circus school. Her mother enrolled her in a Trapeze program.


  • Margot made her debut in a soap opera before landing on the big screen. The soap opera known as Neighbours, where she played the role of Donna Freedman.


  • She grew up loving the movie The Mighty Ducks. Since then, she always wanted to play ice Hockey. 


  • While filming The Wolf of the Wall Street, she was nervous about the love scenes, and one of the crew members offered her little Juice to calm her down. She admits that 3 shots of Tequila helped calm her anxiety and boost her confidence.


  • When she was little, she wanted to become a Wizard.

She hates being referred to as Bombshell. She added, “ I feel like a brat saying that because there are worse things, but I’m not a bombshell.” To spice this up, Margot Robbie has a thing for the Joker actor Joaquin Phoenix.

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