This School Teacher’s behaviour confirms that America isn’t free from racism even in 2019!

Some say that America has moved way past from being a racist country. And with the rise of Barack Obama as one of the most prominent and powerful presidents of America, we all thought that America is now almost free from racism

It turns out to be an absolute farrago after what happened recently in one of the affluent schools in New York City.

A white chauvinist teacher, Rebecca Antinozzi is reported to have conducted a mock on slavery system followed by Americans during historical days. She instructed all the black people to act as slaves and asked the whites to bid on them. This poorly conceived teaching about slavery indeed reflects the racist ideologies rooted way too deeper in the hearts of the natives. The teacher herself acts as a slave auctioneer and the black students were put imaginary chains along the necks, wrists, shackles, and ankles.

The school has removed the teacher from the class and launched an investigation into the incident. On her defense, she argues that “the portrayal of the history lesson that has been reported is inaccurate, out of context and contains false facts.”

Whatsoever the excuses or arguments, the real question is “Does the children of this science-driven era should necessarily need to know the crappy non-sensual acts of our ancestors in detail? Why not bury the bitter-past with the past?

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