Internet pictures that will make you cringe

The internet is a wonderful thing. It’s a wonderful invention that has connected everyone and made the world a smaller place. But despite its stellar applications, multinational corporations and serious conversations, we bring you the pictures that will remind you what the true frontpage of the internet actually looks like.

  1. When a mysterious species was found underneath Hulk Hogan’s stache.
  2. Pancakes with maple syrup anyone?
  3. Latest advances in cross-breeding
  4. This hot-dog will make you go bananas (WAIT. WHAT?)
  5. Feed me Hooman!
  6. Elon Musk spotted at Texas hold’em Poker
  7. Not your Ordinary Koala
  8. Keep annoying people away
  9. Just a Cute cat pic
  10. Soup is good for health
  11. Rise above the ordinary. #annoyinginspiration


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