Things You Might Not Know About Jamie Lee Curtis

“I literally wouldn’t be here without them,” she says about her family.

Things You Might Not Know About Jamie Lee Curtis
Things You Might Not Know About Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis is an exceptionally talented and acclaimed actor and producer in Hollywood. She is rightly known as one of the “Scream Queens,” because she has played prominent roles in many popular horror movies. Curtis made her debut in one of John Carpenter’s movies called Halloween. The talent for acting definitely runs in her genes because her father and mother were also celebrated actors, whose careers spanned across five decades!

Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh had Jamie Lee Curtis as their youngest daughter in 1958. Curtis is known for talking about her late parents and holding on to their legacy. She considers her parents as her true inspiration. She has won lots of awards and accolades and is well known for her role in James Cameron’s “True Lies.”

Curtis feels that she and her sister, Kelly, were born out of love and not resentment. Curtis now enjoys her life with Christopher Guest, with whom she has been married for more than 36 years. They have two grown children. Guest is a writer and also a director. Curtis feels pretty safe with him and states that he always keeps her grounded. She has gone through both triumph and tragedy with Guest.

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