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Haunted movie sets that were REAL!

The actors and the crew on the sets took back creepy experiences!

Haunted Movie Sets That Were Real!
Haunted Movie Sets That Were Real!

The settings of horror and thriller films are designed to keep the audience on the edge of their chairs. The actors, story, and film are all combined to create a cohesive whole that allows the spectator to fully experience the scene. In some instances, the film crew’s own uncanny and horrifying experiences during and after the filming of the scenes add to the creepiness of the overall experience. Here are some actual eerie or cursed movie locations!

The Crow

Actor Brandon Lee, the son of the renowned actor Bruce Lee, passed away in a set mishap while this movie was being filmed. He was killed when the prop gun fired a fake bullet that went through him. It now ranks among the haunted movie sets as a result of the event.

The Omen

After filming a sequence with monkeys, an animal handler perished on the set while being held by a tiger. A special effects coordinator and his partner were traveling when they were in an accident. The partner met a tragic end when she was accidentally beheaded. The alleged incident happened where a signboard read Ommen, which was 66.6 kilometers distant!

Lightning struck two airplanes in one instance, where the crew member was flying in one and another was about to take off. The fortunate actor who decided not to join the plane survived, as the crash killed everyone on board.


The story film centers on a family who experiences paranormal activity in their home, which was constructed next to a former cemetery. The actors in the film also met tragic ends, such as Dominique Dunne’s death, which was caused by her ex-boyfriend strangling and killing her, and Heather O’Rourke’s passing after the third sequel of the film after being afflicted with an intestinal condition.

The fact that 13 real human skeletons were used in place of props and that the performers weren’t informed of this made the scene even more horrifying. These occurrences elevate it to the status of one of the spookiest ghostly movie locations.

The Exorcist

One of the cult horror films also has some haunted or rather creepy incidents surrounding the shoot and post-shoot of the movie. There was a fire accident in the sets, burning down a lot, but the bedroom where the exorcism takes place remained untouched. The incident brews suspicion that it was one of the real-life haunted movie sets.

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