The new book written by Caroline Perez talks about Gender data gap!

INVISIBLE WOMEN: EXPOSING DATA BIAS IN A WORLD DESIGNED FOR MEN, authored by the British journalist and feminist activist Caroline Criado Perez who contemplates that this is just a tip of an iceberg. She proclaims that the gender data gap: all the data collected in the society is typically the experiences of men and not women.

If not very often, women must have felt at least a few times in their lives that things get difficult for them just because they are women. Perez has put a lot of thought into it and argues that its not an illusion but actually the world is designed for men. It might seem cynical and usual feminist rant. But, don’t judge too quick. It’s not been very long since we heard the cancellation of the first all-female space walk due to lack of enough space suits designed for women. Ironically the book was released just before NASA’s infamous all women space walk cancellation.

Perez has divulged the patriarchy in various places with realistic data. The author writes that the male-centric world ignores the needs of women and puts them in unnecessary difficulties and even sometimes in danger. Women are compelled to adapt to the man made world where things are made by men keeping men in mind. Because most things starting from pain medications to air conditioned offices are designed for men and not women.

Infrastructure is planned according to men by male planners and politicians. Further she points out that a study of pedestrian injuries in Sweden found that 79 percent took place in winter, and 69percent of people injured were women.

She argues that there are no cars made which are ideal for women to drive. As women are smaller in stature and shorter compared to men they have to sit closer to the wheel to reach the clutch and brake to drive which is not a standard seating position which puts women at greater risks for accidents. As the cars are designed for men, women “is 47 percent more likely to be seriously injured than men and more likely to die”.

Painful periods have never been a “priority public health issue”. The scientific studies held in the medical field often ignores the physiology and hormones of women. And there is lack of understanding diseases that affect women. The pain medications prescribed usually works for men and not for women in many cases. Medical conditions of women are treated as of men by default.

Perez has unbelievable collection of data to back all her claims in this interesting read. She has written it in a conversational manner that every woman who reads it will feel like conversing with a friend. Give the book a read and don’t forget to give your feed back in the comments section.

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