The Crown season six: The Royal House Returns

The end of the Royal series has begun.

The Crown Season Six: The Royal House Returns
The Crown Season Six: The Royal House Returns

The Crown, a series depicting the affairs of Royals in the House of Windsor, will return in 2023. Peter Morgon, the creator of The Crown, reveals that he planned to complete the series with season 5. However, he wanted to do justice to the richness and complexity of the story.

As season 5 covered the life of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, season 6 will showcase the tragic death of Princess Diana in 1997. Here are some updates from the Royal series team.

Final days of Princess Diana

Princess Diana, the most lovable and charming princess in the history of England, is set to return in season 6. The last season ended by portraying her early life, whereas this season will cover her affair with Dodi Fayed and the fatal car crash. In addition, Elizabeth Debicki will play as Princess Diana.

Imelda Staunton, as Queen Elizabeth 

The Harry Potter fame Imelda Staunton will resume as Queen Elizabeth following Claire Foy and Olivia Coleman.

Dominic West as Prince Charles 

With Netflix’s official announcement, Dominic West seems to play Prince Charles in opposite to the Australian actress Elizabeth Debicki

William and Kate’s romance

Season 6 will cover the royal romance of the Prince and Princess of Wales. Ed McVey is set to play Prince Charles, whereas Meg Bellamy will play Princess Kate.

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