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All About The Girl on the Train – Emily Blunt

All About The Girl On The Train – Emily Blunt
All About The Girl On The Train – Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt is a well-known British actress. She was born as the second child of four children to her parents. Even at a young age, Blunt had stuttering problems. However, one of her school teachers helped her manage her stuttering by encouraging her to act. When Blunt was just 16, she was identified as a talented actor and was then signed by an agent. 


In the play named “The Royal Family,” Emily Blunt made her debut. She was crowned as the “Best Newcomer” for her role in the play by the Evening Standard. Later, in the British drama, “Henry VIII,” Blunt was widely appreciated for her role. In the comedy-drama, “The Devil Wears Prada,” Blunt played the role of the senior assistant to Runway magazine’s editor-in-chief, Miranda Priestly (portrayed by Meryl Streep). 


In 2007, Emily Blunt starred in four movies for which she was applauded and won many accolades. In “The Girl on the Train,” a movie based on the novel (of the same name), Blunt starred as Rachel Watson. She portrays the role of an alcoholic trying to rebuild her life but finds herself in the midst of a murder investigation.


Blunt got married to American actor, John Burke Krasinski, who is also a filmmaker. She persuaded her husband to cast her in the horror movie, “A Quiet Place.”

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