Superpowers and Their Super Parents!

Here are few superheroes and their superpower parents…

Unlike every human even superhero have parents and some of them had superpowers as well. Few familiar super powerful parents were Odin Thor’s father and others who have vampire powers, monsters, and so on. But most of them were not revealed on screen.

Here are few superheroes and their superpower parents:

Blade’s Dad Who Transforms into a Vampire in Prison

Marvel began with the film Blade in 1992 and when they had a fall due to Marvel’s live-action, Blade was the one that helped them progress. The film was released in 1998.

The story was written by David S. Goyer which was more beached. Blade obtains his vampire powers from his mom in his childhood when his mom is bitten by a vampire. But there is no trace of his father and he is trained by a vampire trainer Jamal Afari. Later it is revealed that his biological father is Lucas Till Cross who is imprisoned for a crime that he did not do and now is living his last days due to cancer. He finds his son and gets vampire powers and gets out of jail and asks his son to drink a virgin’s blood to make a prophecy come true which is quite unusual.

Mantis Dad is a Psychic Martial Artist

Marvel lovers have begun getting curious about the entry of Mantis when the trailer of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 started to drop, but the rendition of Pom Klementieff in the MCU is completely different from the comic role which was created by Steve Englehart and he stated that: “he was not happy” on the changes.

He also added saying: “That character has nothing to do with Mantis,” and “I really don’t know why you would take a character who is as distinctive as Mantis is and do a completely different character and still call her Mantis.” In James Gunn’s movie, Mantis is an insectoid being raised by Ego, who exploited her empathic abilities for his own selfish benefit. The Mantis who debuted in 1973’s The Avengers #112 wasn’t an alien, though she was trained by them.”

Black Widow Murders Her Wild Foster Father

Black Widow does extreme sacrifices for the good in the “Avengers: Endgame” but prior to her heroic demise she talks with the ‘keeper of the Soul Stone’ which is quite interesting.

Further when she and Hawkeye come on Vormir where Red Skulls tells “Natasha, daughter of Ivan.” It’s the first time they mention her dad’s name but it is already familiar with fans of the comics.

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