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Three Reasons Why KUWTK is a Hit Amongst the Americans!

Heard of the movie The Trueman Show? The movie, released in 1998 was an experiment at a subconscious meta-level to gauge how the audience received, reacted and responded to a ‘reality show’ kind of content being fed to them. The movie’s perfect portrayal of how reality shows work ensured its runaway success at the box office.

Keeping up with the Kardashians (KUWTK) began airing in the summer of 2007 and they have been rocking the industry of entertainment for almost 20 seasons now with their show called KUWTK.. The show is a series of televised episodes of the ‘life’ that happens in Kardashian’s household.

Despite the negative reviews and critical opinions on the quality of the content, the show has not just sustained but continued to soar in the viewership ratings as well as giving space to various spin-offs from the same.

Here’s why KUWTK works with the masses

  • The history – The Kardashians came into the limelight through the controversial leak of the sex tape of Kim and Ray J.
  • The awards – History shows that ever since the show’s launch the only categories the show has been continuously awarded have been either Teen Choice or People’s Choice award, creating a fear of missing out (FOMO) amongst the people.
  • The world – The Kardashians meticulously ensured every element they did in their public life, be it interviews, endorsements, product launches or guest starring on other shows all rolled back to feature in their lives showcase in KUWTK.

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