Polka-Dot Man in Suicide Squad Reboot?

One of the most exciting DC movies on the horizon is James Gunn’s Suicide Squad. Compared to other incarcerated super-villains seeing polka dot man in the villain team seems a bit odd and unexpected. Besides the colorful cavalcade of characters, many interesting characters are appearing on the Suicide Squad. Rather than polka dots, another one seems to be wearing a chrome disco ball on his head and a very amiable shark.

Before becoming the polka dot man, he also appeared briefly in the 2017’s The LEGO Batman Movie along with condiment king, kite man, and other rogues who seemed to have made up. The experienced comic book adaptation veteran David Dastmalchian known for the Dark Knight, the Ant-man Movies, has now joined the Suicide Squat cast to portray the characters.

The Suicide Squad hits theatres and HBO Max this August by starting with its very batty beginnings. Before he came to know as Polka Dot Man, the famous detective comics #300 introduced him as the bizarre in February 1962. Polka dot is recognized as one of the unaccustomed villains to emerge in the silver age of DC comics. However, his appearance may make you laugh, but those who mock haven’t realized his abilities and how dangerous supervillain he will be.

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