Japanese Serial Dating Defrauder Comes to Limelight

A Japanese man was arrested for accusing nearly three dozen women and received hundreds of dollars as a birthday present.

Takashi Miyagawa,39, a part-time worker with no permanent address, was arrested for allegedly scamming over 35 women in Japan. He pretended to be in a serious relationship with these women. Miyagawa told each of the women a different date for his birthday to receive gifts constantly.

Many victims have come forward. In one case, he told a 47-year woman that his birthday was on February 22, other 40-year women believed it was in July, and another 45-years old woman believed it was in April.

Miyagawa allegedly convinced each woman, believing it was a serious relationship in which he received a total of 100,000 yen (US$925) as birthday presents, clothes, and cash. He met the victims while he was selling hydrogen water shower products in a multiple-level marketing company. In February, some of Miyagawa’s victims formed a “victims association” and reported to the police their stories.

Miyagawa was arrested for fraud, and the police investigation says that they might be more victims of his scam.

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