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The Scariest Monsters in Stranger Things

The chilling Sci-fi thriller Stranger Things is best known for its creepy creatures. The Duffer brothers amazed us by showcasing strange theories and monsters. No matter how many times we watch stranger things still these things could give us goosebumps. Let’s explore the scariest monster in Stranger Things. 


Vecna the no.1, many creatures may come and go but Vecna seems to remain the baddest of all. Unlike the other creatures, Vecna is really super-powered. Just like El, he can use telekinesis to kill his opponents. With his advanced telepathy, he can create a false vision in his opponents mind. Moreover, he scares everyone with his spine-chilling appearance.

The Mind Flayer

The gigantic tentacled spider-like creature appears to be the master of all monsters.

It controls the hive mind by sending the mini creatures to cause trouble. However, will seem to be favourite one for Mind flayer as it possesses and controls him till the last season.

The Spider Monster

 The spider monster is just the amalgamation of the flayed victims and it acts as an embodiment of the mind flayer.

The Demogorgon

Haunted the whole of Hawkins town since season 1. Though this creature doesn’t have eyes it has a sense of smell( especially blood).

The vines 

 These slithering tendrils are eviler than they look. They have minds of their own and are strong enough to kill a grown man.

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