Hours after Breakup News, Stephen Bear Auditions for New GF!

He didn’t take much time to get over it and started auditioning for his next girlfriend on YouTube.

After the news on Stephen Bear and his 18-year-old GF Tia McAllister breakup news surfaced on the internet, the reality TV star didn’t take much time to get over it and started auditioning for his next girlfriend on YouTube.

The 31-year-old reality star took a step further and revealed that he’s planning to get settled down this time with the love of his life. While answering a question on his YouTube audition for a girlfriend, he said,

“I would love to settle down, if I had the choice now I would settle down with a family. I would love to have kids now, I’ve just to find the right person, it’s so annoying. I feel like I’ve done the hardest bits. I’ve got the house, I’ve got a car, I’ve got some money in the bank. All I need to do is find a girl and I’m mentally ready for one.”

“Calling all you single girls out there hit me up! Slide into my comment section if you’re watching and I can even feel us going on a date. But if you want to go on a date with me, casting call for girls out there. Put your name underneath if you want to go on a date with me. We can walk around the park, we can feed the ducks. I could buy some roller skates, go rollerblading. I like to keep my private life a little bit private now but you would make the channel one day if we’re boyfriend and girlfriend because I’m filming my whole life.”

‘Ex On The Beach’ Stephen Bear Breaks The Rules of Pandemic Crisis By Dining with 30 People in a Restaurant!

June 2020

Stephen Bear along with a group of 30 pals was seen dining in a restaurant despite the ongoing lockdown restriction. When they shared videos and pictures of it, it created quite a stir in social media.

The picture shared on Instagram saw Stephen along with his group eating in a private dining space at a restaurant despite the other spaces were closed.

The bear was seen with TOWIE actors Ella Rae Wise, Kelsey Stratford, etc. on the footage he posted.

Besides, Ella also shared in her Insta feed about the Sunday event with several pics.

The group was an approx of 30 friends who were sitting on each side around a big table enjoying their delicious dinner and cake amidst the 2-meter social distancing rule that is implemented in the UK.

Stephen was there ringing on a friends’ birthday and recorded the event where some were hiding their faces.

But some were overjoyed and were not bothered which included the server at the restaurant in spite of the fact they are violating the rules. Later they were all seen at Stephen’s Essex abode.

Meanwhile, few were seen in a video in a car heading to Stephen’s home, and the person driving as well as others in the car were blowing nitrous oxide balloons prior to the party at home.

Further, Stephen was seen making fun stating that: “the police will probably be called” as they were breaking the social distancing law.

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