Longest Non-stop flight
Longest Non-stop flight


Singapore Airlines makes history with the world’s longest non-stop flight!

the longest non-stop flight that is all set to cover a whooping 15,000 kms

A trip to New York has never been this simple. Singapore Airlines has come up with the longest non-stop flight that is all set to cover a whooping 15,000 kms in less than 19 hrs. The flight connecting Changi Airport and New Jersey’s Newark’s International Airport is so far the longest non-stop service provided by any airline. This move by Singapore Airlines outperforms Qantas and Qatar who are pioneers in launching longest non-stop flights from Perth and Auckland respectively.

Airbus 350-900 is said to accommodate 161 passengers altogether that will include 67 business seats and 94 premium economy seats. Economy seating has not been included as of now and there exists very less probability in the future as well.

“When you’ve got some good strong jet streams going in an easterly direction, which is the way we’ll go, then we will fly over Japan, then over the North Pacific, possibly touching into Alaska, then down through Canada into Newark”, says Mr. Thomas, the editor-in-chief of Airlineratings.com, who will be on board in the inaugural flight.

While there are criticisms on why would anyone want to travel for 19-hours straight, this will forever remain a remarkable venture by Singapore Airlines. Moreover, the tickets are selling like hot cakes, which means it’s already a win.

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