Saugus High Student Opens Fire at Classmates Killing Two!

The sixteen-year old shooter shot himself in head after killing two classmates and wounding 4 others

The Thursday morning at Saugus High School turns disastrous when a student opened fire in the quad area when the students are scheduled to attend their first-period classes. The entire scene ends in just sixteen seconds which fatally killed two students and injured four severely. The shooter reportedly shot himself in the head and tried killing himself. Authorities found him on the campus with gunshot inflicted on the head and rushed him to the hospital where he’s fighting for life.

Sheriff’s Capt. Kent Wegener told media that the 16-year old student used a .45-caliber handgun from his backpack to shoot his classmates while he was standing in the quad. Everyone started running for safety when this chaotic event took place. The killed classmates include a sixteen-year-old girl and fourteen-year-old boy and four other injured are treated in hospital.

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