Flood Water from South Korean Burial Site Turns Imjin River Red

Heavy rain caused the blood carcasses to mix with the river water that ran across the Inter-Korean border.

In order to tackle the highly contagious and incurable swine flue, the south Korean authorities slaughtered nearly 47000 pigs last week and disposed at the border burial site near the Imjin River. However, the heavy rain that poured recently turned the Imjin River red while the remains and carcasses of the slaughtered pigs mixed with the river water. This dramatic outbreak alarmed the people across the water and raised concerns about the safety and hygiene of people living near the border. The authorities were also blamed for the poor disposal procedures of the slaughtered pigs.

But the authorities dismissed the claims of spreading swine flue because of this as they insist that the pigs were disinfected before slaughtering. The delay in production of plastic containers happened to be the reason for the ineffective disposal of slaughtered pigs.

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